Pelvic floor Pilates comes to Tahoe

August 29, 2012 by  
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pfilatesPfilates is changing how people think about strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. This is a system of exercises that goes beyond Kegels to promote the strength of the pelvic floor muscles to aid in recovering or enhancing pelvic floor strength, essential for normal bladder and sexual function.

Developed by Dr. Bruce Crawford, a urogynecologist from Reno, NV, Pfilates is a simple program Consisting of ten movements. Each movement includes a series of reps, a hold phase and a pulsed phase. These movements encourage strength, endurance and coordination of the pelvic floor. One can learn these movements through the Pfilates DVD or through a certified Pfilates instructor.

Jane O’Brien, PT, MSPT and Cheryl Naylor, PT, DPT are physical therapists at North Tahoe PT. they are both certified as Pfilates instructors. Jane is also an instructor trainer. They incorporate the Pfilates method into their practice for men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction. For more information about Pfilates, go to Contact North Tahoe Physical Therapy for information about participating in Pfilates classes.