Love the floor of your Core

February 1, 2012 by  
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February is “Love the floor of your Core” month. Come and try this new exercise program to improve the fitness of your pelvic floor.

Jane O’Brien, PT and Mary Kay Haughian, PT tech are now certified in the “pfilates” program of pelvic floor training. An exercise program created by a physician to improve sexual function, improve bowel and bladder control, prevent the need for surgery and recover pelvic floor function after child birth and surgery.

Jane is now including this exercise program in pelvic floor rehab.

Jane O’Brien, PT, MSPT Post Partum Pelvic Floor dysfunctions at Purely Pilates Longley Blvd

Have you experienced leakage, painful intercourse, pelvic pain, organ Prolapse or tearing after childbirth? Have you tried Kegels and Advil to no avail? Do you wonder what Kegels are? This talk will review common pelvic floor dysfunctions after childbirth and give information on how to correct them through self help and Physical therapy, review the how, what, and quantity of Kegels and clear up misconceptions often taught by well meaning health care professionals.